DO YOU NEED SOME PRODUCING YOUR HEALTHCARE VIDEOS? Working within a medical environment requires care, diplomacy, tact and respect for patients and staff.  You have to be flexible and understanding, with the ability to read situations quickly, thinking on your feet and acting decisively. We listen to your ideas and take on board the ethos and culture of your organisation, incorporating these factors into the finished film.  We have a wealth of experience producing Healthcare videos.

It is important when producing a healthcare video that we work closely with all the staff involved.  Ideally we always like to visit the site before the shoot to reccy the hospital and introduce ourselves to the Doctors and Nurses that may feature in the videos.  This not only familiarises ourselves with the location but gives us a chance to put everyone at ease and answer any questions or concerns that the staff may have regarding the video production.
Healthcare videos

Our state of the art equipment delivers broadcast quality high definition footage that can be viewed on multiple platforms such mobile devices, computers and TV screens. The cameras are relatively small and easy to manoeuvre enabling us to work quickly with a minimum amount of disturbance.  We aim to deliver stylish, punchy videos that strike the perfect balance between engaging your audience, and successfully communicating your story.  A dynamic, eye catching Healthcare video production, combined with the effective use of social networking sites and SEO will drive your message home. We listen to your ideas and take on board the ethos and culture of your organisation, incorporating these factors into the finished film.

We have incorporated these questions within our VIDEO PROJECT BUILDER. Once you have completed the answers we can then respond with some great ideas and ultimately submit an estimate of costs.

Please visit our HEALTHCARE VIDEOS page.  Other pages that may be helpful are HELPVIDEO MATTERS AND COSTS

Download our NHS Healthcare video case study which features our work we did for the Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital NHS Trust 

We made a suite of films for their Maternity Department. They wanted to replace the traditional tour currently conducted by Midwives with a video tour.  This would serve several purposes.  It would free up time, allowing the Midwives to do what they do best, deliver babies. It would also enable parents to take the tour at their convenience, and as many times as they wish in the comfort of their homes!!  And lastly all this would save everyone concerned time and money!

“Film Infinity were relaxed and easy to work with, and kept any disruption to a minimum. They were patient and understanding throughout the whole process. I was very happy with the result and would have no hesitation in recommending them to another NHS hospital.”

Jennie Ponting-Head of Midwifery & Gynaecology, Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital NHS Trust