Project Description


We have successfully produced a number of school videos and believe that we have a winning formula that ENTERTAINS, ENGAGES and INFORMS potential students and parents.  We listen to your ideas and take on board the ETHOS and CULTURE of your place of learning, incorporating these factors into the finished video.  We suggest a free consultation on site so we can understand and appreciate what you are trying to achieve.  Our large portfolio of education videos include primary schools, senior schools, primarily prospectus videos but also recruitment and social media videos including foreign language versions. All our crew have DBS (CRB) certificates.

education videos
education videos


We recommend a tried and tested structure for your education video:

A fast paced edit featuring a broad spectrum of subjects and year groups will inspire and educate.  We recommend a 2-3 minute video for your website.  We can easily create shorter versions for social media uses. The script should include key information that will answer any questions parents and students may have.  Always include video testimonials from both students and teachers as these are an extremely powerful recruitment tool.

  • An introduction from the Headteacher.
  • A selection of students and staff talking about their positive experiences at the school.
  • Footage of all the key subjects.
  • Footage of sports, the arts and any extra curricular activities.
  • A professional voiceover narrating the film.
  • Utilise a current music soundtrack that students can identify with.
  • Generic footage of the school buildings and facilities.
education videos


Samuel Ryder Academy

We have made several prospectus videos for SRA since 2012. Each year we create and develop a new concept, working closely with the staff and students to deliver another piece of innovative work.

Chiltern Learning Trust

We have just delivered a suite of six education videos for the Chiltern Learning Trust which comprises of Denbigh High School, Challney High School for Boys and Dallow Primary School.  The aim of the films is to attract and recruit new teachers to the schools within the Chiltern Learning Trust in Luton.  Filmed over three days, we shot a wealth of great footage; interviews, classroom action and location filming, resulting in a library of footage from which we could then shape into the final six edits.

Samuel Ryder Academy Primary School

This short primary school video for the  Samuel Ryder Academy was shot on location whilst filming the Academy prospectus video. careful planning enabled us the time to film the necessary footage for this storyboard.

Bell Cambridge

This is the one of several videos that we made for the Bell Cambridge Language School.  We worked closely with Anna and Natalie, they had a very clear idea of what they wanted and produced a great set of storyboards to work from. We were blessed with stunning weather and a very amiable collection of students and staff during the shoot. We had a very busy three day shoot, covering a vast shot list within the school and filming a variety of famous landmarks.   The videos will feature on their website and Facebook.

Bell Cambridge

“Film Infinity exceeded our expectations. With a can-do attitude nothing was too much trouble. They are not only great cameramen and producers, but they proved that they could manage any situation including directing and filming international children in London on the busiest and hottest day of the year! As for the final video, when they sent the first edit through, my reaction was ‘wow!’. In addition to all of this, they were simply just nice people to work with.”

Natalie Dawe, Marketing Manager, Bell Cambridge

Bell Cambridge

Bell had a very clear idea of what they wanted and produced a great set of storyboards to work from. We were blessed with stunning weather and a very amiable collection of students and staff during the shoot. This features one of their summer schools. The amazing facilities and buildings were great to film and we are very pleased with the results, as were Bell! The intention is to feature this main film on the web site and feature the teaser films on Facebook.

Oasis Academy

This video for the Oasis Academy Enfield. was filmed over several days in July and September. We managed to cover a huge variety of subjects and locations in a short space of time.  The buildings are visually stunning with lots of available light to work with.  The staff and students were superb, helping us to achieve exactly what the school wanted.  The key to successfully shooting a prospectus video is organisation and planning.  The weather, the existing timetable, staff availability are just some of the logistical elements that have to be considered when drawing up the shoot schedule.

The Robert Barclay Academy

The Robert Barclay Academy video was filmed over two days in early September. We wanted a very natural look to the testimonials so we utilised a “fly on the wall” style, filming the students delivering their piece to camera during a lesson. Shooting simultaneously with two cameras enables the students to break their script down into short chunks as we can stitch the sentences together during editing. The students look superb in their brand new uniforms.

 The Samuel Ryder Academy

“We asked Film Infinity to produce a high quality and informative video on the opening of our new Academy.  From the outset, they were professional, well organised and flexible.  They were able to get the best out of the students as well as providing impartial advice to the School to ensure the best outcome.  We are absolutely delighted with the video as it manages to both capture the ethos and culture of the School, as well as be informative and entertaining.  I would recommend them without hesitation and will be using them again in the future.”

Matt Gauthier, Head Teacher, Samuel Ryder Academy 

Please read our guide to producing a successful education video:

The key to a successful school video is planning. The important points to consider are the weather, the timetable, the curriculum and the availability of staff, students, locations and facilities

We recommend allocating one member of staff to liaise with the video production crew before and during the filming.  Together we can formulate a filming schedule that causes minimum disruption to the everyday running of the school.

Select a cross section of well behaved students from across the age groups who are willing and able to ‘star’ in the various curriculum scenarios. This ensures the filming process runs smoothly.

Hiring a two man film crew to film simultaneously in different parts of the school means twice as much footage can be filmed in a day.  A well planned schedule ensures we are in the right classroom at the right time and can illustrate your school in the best light.

Using a voiceover artist to narrate the film guarantees that key information is clearly and concisely delivered to potential parents and students.  We can help you write the script and select an appropriate voiceover artist.

Our equipment delivers broadcast quality high definition footage that can be viewed on multiple platforms such as mobile devices, computers and TV screens. The cameras are relatively small and easy to manoeuvre enabling us to work quickly with a minimum amount of disturbance.